BCI Background Check

BCI Background Check 

A BCI background check is completed by comparing fingerprints submitted against an existing database to determine if there is a criminal record.

If you want to get a BCI Background Check or FBI Background done in Central Ohio, please visit Quantum Digital Services at 2606 Hilliard Rome, Hilliard, OH.

Many public and private employers require background checks to determine the eligibility of applicants for employment.  State law stipulates that schools, daycare centers, healthcare facilities, and other entities providing services to children and the elderly obtain background checks as part of the hiring process.  Some individuals may also require a background check to obtain professional licensure. (e.g. Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Teachers, etc.)

At Quantum Digital Services we have modern Livescan fingerprinting equipment, compliant with BCI and FBI prerequisites to assist you with your background check requirements. 

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